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I've done so many millions of things in the last year! Okay not quite millions, but many many lots. I'm x-posting this entry from my LJ to have something posted here while I start to find my way around DW and get used to the site. :)

My Etsy shop has over 130 items in it now.

I've made nine mandala coloring books in total: Flower Mandalas, Vajra Mandalas, Fantasy Forest Mandalas, Crystal Mandalas, Advanced Flower Mandalas, Halloween Mandalas, Christmas Mandalas, Wreath Mandalas and Monthly Mandalas. The last one is also available in the form of a printable Mandala Calendar.

I've also created a bunch of bookmarks and a few more ink drawings. At the end of November I surpassed 1000 sales, a goal I set when I started in April and didn't expect to reach before the end of the year.

I now have my own website, where my prices are 5% lower than on Etsy, since my website's fees are slightly lower than Etsy's. So if you like my coloring pages and you plan to pay with paypal, I definitely recommend buying from instead of Etsy. Also at Candy Hippie dot com, I offer free coloring pages and exclusive coloring pages which will not be available in the CandyHippie Etsy shop. More of those are coming soon!


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